With more than two decades of expertise in crafting wooden flooring, we specialize in the creation of distinctive floors imbued with a unique character. In addition to unfinished oak flooring, Floorcenter offers three elegant collections: Orange Label, Red Label, and Black Label.

About Us

Floorcenter, established in the year 2000, boasts over two decades of expertise in crafting premium wooden flooring. Our commitment lies in creating distinctive floors known for their unique character and enduring, eco-friendly finishes.

With manufacturing operations spanning two locations, we operate production facilities in both The Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2004, we acquired the Oak sawmill in Banja Luka, which expanded its focus beyond oak cutting in 2008 when we introduced a dedicated facility for engineered oak flooring production. This facility has seen substantial growth in both 2012 and 2019, with the addition of new factory buildings and drying kilns.

In Bosnia, Floorcenter excels in producing unfinished engineered oak flooring directly from the source, guided by Western management principles. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

All our flooring products are meticulously crafted on 100% birch plywood, available in a wide array of sizes. For further details, we invite you to explore our collection on our dedicated collections page. collections

Floorcenter The Netherlands, Lelystad

At Floorcenter Lelystad, we specialize in the storage and distribution of flooring products produced in Bosnia.

In addition to our distribution services, we have a production facility where we craft herringbone and Chevron flooring designs.

Apart from offering unfinished flooring products, we excel in providing a range of finishing options for our flooring. In addition to our standard collections, our expertise extends to various finishes, including but not limited to lacquering, oiling, aging, burning, brushing, smoking and staining

This diverse range of finishes allows us to meet the unique design preferences and requirements of our customers.